Meggings a good thing or WTH?

As I crusade against  bagging pants I’m now faced with their direct opposite (Oh fashion you fickle beast).  Allow me to introduce Meggings.  Man Leggings.  Most famously worn by Mr. Conan here. 

Oh, what have you done

Oh, what have you done

And, now we have an actual full fledged trend of Meggings on our hands.  So weigh in do you think these are here to stay, a good thing our just terribly wrong.   And, you can read what male style editors think on the whole subject.  

Man Leggings. Hmmm.

Man Leggings. Hmmm.

23 thoughts on “Meggings a good thing or WTH?

  1. yikes – as someone else said – fine on a bike or a running trail (as long as they are black and thick!!), but otherwise, euuuuuk – no thank you – especially not that first pair, they are practically transparent!

  2. There is an old jingle taught to young men: “No matter how much you wiggle and dance, the last few drops go down your pants.” These will not be worn by anyone without a Warhol colostomy tote.

  3. The average male will not wear clothing that makes them suffer in any way- if they complain about a tight shirtcollar, I doubt that megging induced camel toe (or mangina) will win a lot of permanent fans. Like my first marriage, I plan to just lay low until it ends….

  4. Yikes! I think they’re only OK in the context of sports. I live pretty close to a popular bike & running trail. Seeing them on people actually exercising doesn’t seem weird, but if you’re just going to be out & about I think not.

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