Dumbest mistake ever. At least for today.

Got a call today from the sewing fairy

Got a call today from the sewing fairy

After God knows how many hours spent on this ridiculous pant issue,  ripping out, re-doing, re-cutting, darting, crying,  buying more freaking fabric and on and on, turns out I was putting the damn waistband on upside down.   Can. Not. Believe. It. 

Do tell.  What has been your silliest mistake.  To date. 🙂    

17 thoughts on “Dumbest mistake ever. At least for today.

  1. the joys – and frustrations of sewing… I think my biggest mistake ever, after a particularly frustrating day, was “knocking” the sewing machine off the table! Surprisingly it still worked when I realised what I had done, but it still has the dents to remind me things are never that bad :S

  2. I make run of the mill mistakes on a regular basis- sleeves in backwards, zips in the wrong seam, shirt sleeve plackets done backwards and take them as a warning to slow down or just stop for the day. But my worst recent mistake was just a wrong wrong wrong fabric choice. A diagonally striped (very vintage) crepe. I pre-washed it- it just kept on stretching when ironed out. I didn’t check that the stripes would chevron nicely- they didn’t as it was an uneven stripe. I recut pieces so they all ran the same way- when assembled it had a sort of shattered mirror effect. Truly horrible. And it was still stretching. I disappeared it.

  3. /Fail. I would totally just give up. Usually if I fail, I throw it out, rather than waste a lot of time. Clothes are so ridiculously difficult.

  4. I attached a sleeve on upside down and then ripped a large hole in the fabric trying to unpick it. (It was knit.) That was one dress that never got made. It ended up in the trash as that was the 3rd major mistake I made. Sometimes, it just isn’t meant to be.

  5. I once stitched the front piece of a shoulder strap to the back piece of the opposite shoulder, and I didn’t even realize my mistake until I tried to hold it up to show off to my husband.

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