Search for better marking tools

Image from Sew

Image from Sew

It’s getting increasingly difficult to see my marks for darts and so forth. (I think the cause of my failing eyesight is this hideous grey font every web designer is so hot for.)   I found this product at the local fabric shop.  Mark-B-Gone is a fabric type paper similar to the  carbon or chalk papers but much thicker.   I used it on a dark linen.  The lines were fairly visible and came off easily on my swatch.  I did mark each side individually for better results.  Have you used this product?  If there is a white paper it would be even better on darker fabrics.  Is anyone finding the chalk paper harder to come by?

Do you have a favorite marking product that might be helpful for the visually impaired?  

14 thoughts on “Search for better marking tools

  1. This is going to sound silly, but I’ve started to pick up those magnifying eye glasses (reading glasses) at the drug store (the cheaper the better) and I tuck them into drawers all over the house so I can grab them whenever I need them. They might help with the sewing?

  2. I just use regular clover carbon paper and a tracking wheel which works pretty well for me. I need glasses but am in denial so go for red and blue paper where possible. I’ve been thinking I need to perfect regular tailors tacks …. Let us know what you come up with that works best for you.

  3. I’ve found Clover transfer paper to be absolutely useless in any color other than blue. I’ve taken to using Saral transfer paper. it comes in rolls like tin foil & wax paper so you can easily use whatever size sheet you want.

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