My Conversations With Edith Head


Girl can pose!

Last night I had the opportunity to see Conversation With Edith Head a one woman show starring Susan Claassen.  This is a wonderful look into the world and mind of  Edith Head.  And, for a 90 minute play with no intermission time really flew.  So much so that I forgot that I was sitting in a theater watching an actor portray Edith Head.  Claassen draws you in to not only the smart, sassy Edith Head but the vulnerable one as well.  Your heart goes out to Edith when she gets lost in her memories as her  friends,  her husband have passed on. Yet she keeps going, buoyed by her creative spirit and memories.  Sure there is controversy regarding Edith Head and her legacy.  But, Claassen lets the audience decide how they feel about her actions.  One fact that can’t be ignored is that she worked her ass off in a tough business.  The fact that she lasted as long as she did and won so many awards is testament to her genius.  

A great addition to the play is the Q and A that allows audience members to be pulled into the world of Edith head as well as create a very intimate setting.  One of my questions was answered by Edith.  I asked did she make her own clothes. Which she replied no.  She apparently didn’t sew!  

I got to meet Edith Head backstage at a VIP party (which I was not officially invited to, but it’s EDITH HEAD!) She even gave me her stamp of approval for the outfit I was wearing!!!! 

And, thank you Vicki Lester.  Vicki Lester of Beguiling Hollywood wrote a post about Conversation with Edith Head and Susan Claaseen awhile back.  I soon found out that her play was going to be put on by the Denver Film Society here in Denver.  If you are lucky enough to get this show in your town go see it.  5 Stars.

Giving me her stamp of approval

Giving me her stamp of approval






16 thoughts on “My Conversations With Edith Head

  1. That sounds a fabulous play… wonder if it will be played in the UK at some point. Edith Head has always been one of my inspirations. And love your dress!!

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