New Look 6025


New Look 6025

One of my favorite blogs is The Perfect Nose.  The Nose is responsible for my new addiction to tunics   She makes them in wonderful fabrics and always looks so chic and effortless while drinking Midori’s  that well, I had to try it.  Plus, they are a breeze to make.  This one has a few issues.  It is a bit expansive across the chest and falls off my shoulders in an annoying way.  And, it isn’t quite flowy enough around the hips.  Oh, and I want to make the next one longer.  It still isn’t quite wearable yet, the weather here is chilly spring temps, but, that will give me time to prefect it.   So, get the Midori’s ready and find some hunky Australians, or whatever might be a decent substitute here in Colorado, it’s going to be a Tunic Summer.


New Look 6025

23 thoughts on “New Look 6025

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  2. Oh my you have something marvelous there and I too can’t wait to see pics of you in it in some sunshine! With midori lol! Can’t drink the stuff me so you can have mine too 🙂 I think I’m going to have to check out tunics too – between you and The Nose I’ve been won over….

  3. btw, you could still just pizza wheel your correct size out of the front and back you’ve already made.. save the awesome fabric! I used NL once (4 inches of ease for a fitted knit pattern XP) and never again. Still have 3 of their patterns (the worst has 8 inches of ease all round-for a semi-fitted knitwear tunic)-bad drafting writ all over that stuff. X(

  4. Very nice. The gradient on that panel is off the chart. Outdoors pics as soon as it gets warm please! I’ve been looking for a simple magyar pattern like that for some panel silk I dyed (all the ones I own were too wide for the panel). Decided to just make a burda sack out of two squares. The ‘pattern’ was two littles squares for the shoulder pieces and measurements for cutting out the front and back rectangles. XD
    Cheers for the link love.

  5. I love the jewel colours in this fabric. Stunning! Perhaps some nifty little straps with press studs on the inside of the shoulders to snap around your bra strap. Then it wont fall off!

  6. Jill, i think the fabric is lovely!!! So you. Did you add stay tape to the neck? That may help keep it on the shoulders. Or perhaps it’s just too big? Bring it to DSC; someone will have a good suggestion.

    Where did you get the fabric? I think a longer tunic would be great for a “housedress”

    • I got the fabric at Jo-ann’s. And, I didn’t use stay-tape. But, I think it really is too big. Even in the photo you can see how wide it is on the model too. Plus, I have kind of narrow shoulders. I also forgot to put interfacing on but, whatever.

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