Updating the wardrobe

Ya, I’ve been away for awhile.  I miss blogging.  I finally got a little free time and decided to update my wardrobe and whip off a little blog post to get back into the swing of things.  Maybe reading Advanced Style got me fired up.  Looking at all those grandma’s rockin’ their style made me look at my own wardrobe and how I can spice it up.  I am in a deep frumpy rut and need a forklift to get me out.   I love the A-line and have made many.   But, it’s all looking a little too dowdy.  Here is a before and after. What do you think?





All I did was take up the hem and taper it more at the hip to hem.  Do you have any  ideas for de-frumping the wardrobe?

17 thoughts on “Updating the wardrobe

  1. That’s a great skirt make-over! Looks fab with the ankle strap shoes too. A tad more knee certainly wouldn’t hurt but the current length gives it a great line on you.

  2. Well, I like both the before and after. I like the sweater in the second pic. Lots of colors go great with black and white, especially bold colors like, red, yellow or fuchsia.

  3. I love the change. The length is very nice where you have it, but I think taking off a few inches to show your knees would give it a little flash. 🙂

  4. Hey, welcome back!.

    My, you really suit a pencil skirt!

    My wardrobe is more mad than frumpy but all my jeans are saggy and worn at the hems and I know it’ll take weeks to make a decent replacement or find RTW ones that flatter.

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