Woven Maxi Skirt- McCalls 6654 for Knits

Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt

Here is a maxi skirt I’ve been working on almost all summer. I fell in love with the fabric I purchased a year ago at Denver Fabrics.  The color is a red/tangerine and I love the wave print, seems perfect for summer.  The skirt pattern is for a knit, McCalls 6654. Tish Gance of HISS Studio told me how to covert the pattern for a woven. I had a lot of problems with the invisible zipper so much so that I ended up putting in just a regular zipper.   And Janet White of JM Designs told me about transparent zippers that are perfect for sheers, chiffon and other light weight fabrics.  I love having friends that know their sewing stuff.  The only problem is I have NO SHOES to wear with this gem. Got to do some later summer shoe shopping!

To convert the knit pattern for a woven. I did a ‘test’ on the chiffon lining. Which I loved working with too. Tish helped me with the measurement and math. I took my waist and hip measurements and measured them against the flat pattern. I would normally cut out a 8 or 10 for a knit and I simply cut out the 14 which matched my hip and waist measurement. I did true up the seams a bit to match my waist measurement.  when I put the lining together it was a bit big so I just took it in the appropriate amount for a perfect fit. Then, I put in a side zipper and that was about it. Oh, and I did do a contoured facing waist band.  Cannot wait to wear it!

Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt

13 thoughts on “Woven Maxi Skirt- McCalls 6654 for Knits

  1. The shoes will the perfect touch. Can’t wait to see you wearing your very nice use of a very nice material. Congratulations.

  2. Wow, the fabric is just dreamy!! I love those waves of tangerine. The chiffon lining must be so floaty and lovely. I wonder if there is a tutorial on how to convert knit patterns to wovens and vice versa? I should look into it as there are some patterns I have that would look good in an opposite type of fabric.

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