Vogue 7405 (OOP) Completed

Vogue OOP 7405

Vogue OOP 7405

However, this being my first wrap dress I’m not totally convinced these are the universal dress every fashion editor makes them out to be. This one is extremely hugging at every bump and curve.  It tends to droop, so I’m constantly futzing with it.  I tied it rather tight at work and it felt a bit restraining.   The fabric was very soft and it did feel like wearing pajamas which isn’t a bad thing. I don’t know I’ll need to wear it a few times to see if I want to make another one or maybe try a different knit that isn’t so  body conscious.  Do you like wrap dresses? Any suggestions?  See more of the pattern review and alterations. 

7405 vogue

Bathroom remodel in the background.

Bathroom remodel in the background.


Vogue 7405 OOP

One of the editors at work wears a blue wrap dress that always looks great. And, another editor bought this very same fabric and made a cute skirt.  I’ve been wanting to sew this dress for a long long time. And, finally, rather spontaneously I whipped it up on a Saturday night. This pattern actually has directions as a reversible dress, not a lining but a reversible side.  I didn’t make this reversible just a regular wrap dress and this is indeed a traditional wrap dress. No zippers, no mocking here, just a traditional wrap. It has no facings I just turned down all the edges, and stitched, even the neck. It’s unusual for me not to put in facings.

I did reinforce the shoulder seams, but I’m thinking the neck line may have to be reinforced at some point. Or maybe on the next rendition. Oh and yes, I did add a bit to the neckline, it was incredibly low.  

Nancy Zieman’s knit patterns have a shoulder length of 3 inches. Vogue is 4 inches for a size 8. I did move the sleeve/shoulder marking up by an inch and then tapered to 5/8 on the armsyce and it made a bit of improvement as you can see here.


Next time I’ll make a small shoulder adjustment. In doing so I believe I’ll eliminate the droopy shoulder seen here: Plus, maybe a forward shoulder adjustment too.


So, there it is, a nice late summer wrap dress.

17 thoughts on “Vogue 7405 (OOP) Completed

  1. This is really pretty and suits you well! I must say I have doubts about the assertion that wraps dresses are for everyone. There is no less flattering dress on me! I have no boobs and pointy hips and these dresses do me no favours in those departments. I’d have to disagree with all those fashion mavens. Luckily for you it looks smashing!

  2. Wow, it looks like a DVF!

    For years I’ve wanted to buy, or make, the perfect wrap dress and this just jogged my memory. I agree with above: you look fabulous and great choice of pattern and colour. But it’s annoying when the dress wears you rather than is a part of you. I wonder if Alethia’s advice should be a wrap-routine.

    Thanks for the review; very helpful.

  3. Without any mention of issues, the dress looks fabulous on you! But I do appreciate what you mean by the pyjama feel! I haven’t made a wrap dress as yet but I made a dress out of soft jersey and it felt just the same! It also came up a lot bigger all over and my mum’s advice was always to drop a size when working with stretch fabric. As you say, live and learn! 🙂

  4. Dear Jill, I think it looks great. I’d suggest some stay tape for the neck edge. My wrap dresses always look crappy. I try hard not to buy more wrap dress patterns but alas I do.

  5. Nice! If its drooping at the front neckline use a basting stitch to draw the fabric and gather it slightly before turning in the neckline hem/facing. I’d also suggest using thicker knits (less slinky, less stretchy, more body) for dresses than for tops because the downward pull on all that fabric does tend to make them highlight non-smooth areas quite a bit =S

  6. OMG, Seeing this pattern brought back memories! I once owned this pattern….and, I don’t believe this style will ever leave us. 😉
    I usually have to cut my bodice about a size or two smaller in order for it to fit correctly~ smaller top, fuller hips. However, I have long arms and longer back/neck length. So, I cut the sides and arms smaller, but keep the shoulder height (if that makes sense), and I cut my sleeves the length I desire.
    Outside of the adjustments that you’ve already ,mentioned, I think you did a great job on your first wrap dress!!

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