Moving Over To Denver Sews Blog!


Hello Everyone! At the start of the New Year I’m moving over to a fun new blog called Denver Sews. There are some amazing and talented seamstresses, writers and just all around lovely ladies who love to sew and blog about it. I hope you join us and follow along. I loved writing for my own little blog and loved meeting fantastic bloggers and seamstresses over the time I was here. I plan on taking all the fantastic blogs I found over to our new blog and will continue to learn and grow from you and this amazing blogosphere!

Happy New Year and Happy Sewing!

Jill (aka Jilly)

Tessuti Free Sewing Pattern –

I downloaded the free Tessuti knit top, this was my first downloaded pattern. And, a perfect choice too. The knit blouse/tunic pattern was easy to sew and I now know why all the raves for this top. I love it and can image myself making this in several versions. The only thing I added was about 3 inches to the sleeves. It sewed up very fast. I had enough fabric left over to make a knit skirt as well. The fabric came from JoAnn’s.  I want to get the Tessuti dress pattern as well. The download/sewing pattern had 15 pages and came with no directions, so if you are new to sewing or downloads you might need a bit of help but it seems pretty self-explanatory. I may just be a convert to download/patterns yet.  Here are some photos of my rendition. Continue reading

Vogue 7405 (OOP) Completed

Vogue OOP 7405

Vogue OOP 7405

However, this being my first wrap dress I’m not totally convinced these are the universal dress every fashion editor makes them out to be. This one is extremely hugging at every bump and curve.  It tends to droop, so I’m constantly futzing with it.  I tied it rather tight at work and it felt a bit restraining.   The fabric was very soft and it did feel like wearing pajamas which isn’t a bad thing. I don’t know I’ll need to wear it a few times to see if I want to make another one or maybe try a different knit that isn’t so  body conscious.  Do you like wrap dresses? Any suggestions?  See more of the pattern review and alterations.  Continue reading

Gotta have it! – Martin Bjornson’s Spool Chair

How would this be in your sewing studio?  You can sit on it and store stuff in it as well.  Pretty neat.  I’ll take 2!  From Designer Martin Bjornson.  

Working 9 to 5!

Yes, this will never happen.

Yes, this will never happen.

I am so happy to announce that I am now the Web Editor for Sew News magazine. You can find out more here on the magazine and all its sister publications.  I am working on the web side of things, lots of social media, blogs, websites, maintenance, CMS etc.  I must admit I do feel a bit like the fox in the hen house.  I never imagined being surrounded by sewing, knitting and quilting people, books, machines etc and get paid for it.  Over the moon…

secretary at work

Remember when?! Me neither.

Wordy Wordless Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday

Surrounded by words at the Museum of Contemporary Art – Denver

Thank you Great Britain Readers


Go Great Britain

Keep Calm and Read On

Looking at my stats over the last few weeks  readers from Great Britain have doubled over my native Yanks.  So as a way of saying thank you I present an ear worm for your enjoyment –  the Sewing Machine Song!

Thanks so much for stopping by where ever you come from!

Have a lovely day

Have a lovely day

Have a lovely day

We might need this as we head into the season.

Making comments on Blogger Blogs

Comment Anyone?

Comment Anyone?

I love having my blog on WordPress and I love the ease of the Reader.  I can see all my lovely blogs right away with their latest and greatest.  But, I feel like I’m missing out sometimes on other fantastic blogs that are on Blogger.  At first I found making comments on Blogger a lesson in patience.  I found out the hard way that Open ID is not worth using.  It’s much easier to get a gmail account. 

With a gmail account I can use my MEoT avatar that is shown on all my comments here at WordPress   You can also put Blogger blogs on your Google reader and of course there is Bloglovin which is a great way to have your Blogger blogs in one place.     

To make matters confusing I had a blog at Blogger and even though it’s de-activated if I comment using Google/Gmail it lists that blog as my current blog (???). Therefore I need to use the URL option of making comments on Blogger posts.    The URL I use is of course the MEoT web address.  

Since my web address at WordPress is not my Blog name I use the MEoT as my name.  

The one thing I have not found a work around is that stupid Captcha thing.  Where you have to “prove you are not a robot” to a robot.  

If the blog writer at Blogger does not activate the URL option it’s is pretty damn hard to leave a comment. 

Here are a few screen shots for the Blogger comment field. (The URL option is not listed in the screen capture)  I have never used Type pad or AIM.  

Options might include:

  • Google Account: If you choose this option, your comment will be attributed to your Blogger display name, which will then link to your Blogger profile. If you’ve chosen to link your blog to Google+, then the name used on your Google+ profile will show up next to the comment, and link to your Google+ profile.
  • Anonymous: If the blog owner has allowed anonymous comments, then you’ll also have the option to leave a comment anonymously. If you leave an anonymous comment, it will not link back to your blogs, Blogger profile, or Google profile in any way.
  • OpenID: Learn more about what it means to use OpenID to leave a comment.
  • Other third-party sign-in options

Here is a typical view I get



It is recommended from the tech community members  in WordPress forums that you do not use Open ID in that it fails.  

From Time Thief  – Member of WordPress 

This is a long standing ussue. Trying to post comments on Blogger blogs is a drag. Open ID fails more often than it works and blosgopt sotware thinks we all have a single username here at and a single blog by the same name. So if we have a domain or more than one blog registered under the same name trying to comment becomes a nightmare.

Answer: Unless the blogger chooses to enable commenters to post with a username and URL it’s next to impossible to leave a comment.


After writing all this is sounds confusing.  And, I hope I’m not muddling anyone up here.  Long story short:  Use the URL option.  If you have other suggestions please leave them here!

A Lovely Blogger sent me a lovely note


Silver Stitches  nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award.  A nice little gift in my reader!  I love Silver Stitches it is a lovely blog about the art of femininity, sewing and bringing back  sense and sensibilities that we don’t see too much of around these parts (Kim Kardashian I’m talking to you!)

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with the rules of being nominated/awarded here they are.

1. Thank the person who nominated you.  – Thank you so much Silver Stitches!

2. Add The One Lovely Blog Award / The Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post. – Check

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

  1. Favorite color is red
  2. I once worked on a dude ranch
  3. My first cat lived to be 23 years old
  4. I played flute, saxophone and trombone and took drum lessons in college
  5. I rule at Banana-grams
  6. I sleep talk in German
  7. I’m learning to play the mandolin

4. Pass the award on to other bloggers You are to do 10 but I’m following Silver Stitches and listing 3. – I nominate the Inbox Jaunt, Pretty Grievances one because she is Damn Funny and we all need a laugh.  And, Sew Fashionably Modest.  A blog I just recently stumbled upon but is very inspiring to me.

5. Include this set of rules.  – Done

6. Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.  Done


Pattern Hoarder or Passionate Collector?

But, I need more.

Tell me again at what point does this become a problem?  Should someone be giving me an intervention?  In another attempt to avoid actually creating and using a pattern, I thought this weekend would be a good time to clean out the pattern drawer which is really more like a larger Rubbermaid travel trunk.  

Here’s the breakdown

Continue reading

Items you won’t find in my closet.

Get a ‘Like” and get a big ass

Melissa Kit Chow has designed a coat that actually inflates or “hugs” you when you get a “Like” on Facebook.   If this ever moves beyond concept I may just unplug my laptop,  build a self composting toilet and go underground for a very long time. You? 

What to do in Denver for fashion and sewing

Summer flew by didn’t it? But, I can’t wait for fall, so much going on.  Here is a list of events going on in Denver and the Front Range area.

For all the sewing fanatics Denver is finally getting the Sew it All TV show which will air on PBS Saturday September 1.  Check local listings for time.

 September 8th Denver Sewing Collective is having a field trip to Denver Fabrics.  Email me for directions and info or go to our Meetup site.   Additionally we have our 2nd Thursday Sew Night on September 13 from 6-9.  On this night we are having a fabric swap!  And, don’t forget September 15th we are at the Longmont Museum for the Linda Beach exhibit.  All information is on the Meetup site. 

Red Drinks will be serving up there wonderful networking and fashion buzz on September 4th at 1632 Market Street, Denver (Double Daughters Salotto) Continue reading

Do you sew on the weekdays?

Jean Harlow in Dinner at 8

Where is the maid with my sewing machine!

I have had a little time on my hands recently and yesterday I spent  most of the day sewing.  A Wednesday mind you.  By myself.  No interruptions except for the cat who wanted in or out and then back in and out etc.  I felt more than a little guilty, even checking the window any time I heard a car drive by.  And, I actually watched old 70’s cop shows on the telly.  Truly decadent.  Next I’ll be eating bon-bons as I watch the maid do all the housework and have the children sent off to finishing school.

But, my little dip in the pool of extravagance got me wondering.  Do you get time to sew on a weekday, or do you have to cram it all in on weekends. How much time would you really like to spend on creating?

Sewing, Fashion and more for July 2012

News and Events for July

Hey, I had the opportunity to do a guest blog post for Sew News Blog.  Thanks so much to Beth Bradley of Sew News for giving me the opportunity.  Please read, it’s very short, won’t take a minute.  And be sure to make a comment on their blog!  We all love getting those comments. 

Denver Sewing Collective has a new website, you can look at it here.  It works best on updated Chrome browsers or IE 8 or 9, then you can see all the great pics.  I still have to get the mobile site up, I having problems with switching the DNS blabity blah thing.   I’ve been testing this new site on a variety of different computers, if you find a problem please let me know.  

 July 12  Stephanie O is having a trunk show at Goldyns.  You can rsvp here.

Starting in July the Denver Design Incubator is offering. sewing workshops conducted by a professional in the industry.  Dates start July 18th and 25, August 1, 8.  Much will be discussed and taught.  Check out DDI’s page for more information.

Denver Art Museum has wonderful workshops and demos in their Design Studio area. These are free IF you are a member of DAM.  Otherwise it is a cost of admission into the museum.  These continue through early September.   Don’t miss out.

And, yes the Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo is roaring through town July  12-14 .  Here’s hoping there is more garment sewing representation.

Tactile Arts is doing wonderful things as usual.  July 14th there is a meet and chat with Elfriede of Elfriede’s of Boulder.  This is from 1-3pm.  Tactile Arts will also be holding a retrospective of her work and custom designs.  Please see Tactile Arts website for more information and cost.  I am also going to be listing this as a meetup as well.  

I am in the planning stages of a Fabric Shop tour and a Meet the Designer too.  Just need to get a little time to get them together.  Stay tuned here and on Facebook and our page.

Meet the Designer and Sew it Forward Day

Rae Marie @ Denver Art Museum

Did it again.  Spent most of the weekend sewing, thinking about making dresses, listening and watching people design beautiful things oh, and sweat a lot.  Saturday Rae Marie of  Fashion House of Rae Marie held a lecture/demo at the Denver Art Museum.  If you have not gone to one of these it really is a fantastic way to get a look at the design process for fashion.  Rae Marie used her time quite interestingly.  She takes you along from concept to finished dress. So the sketch, the draping and so forth is presented to the audience.  We got to see the design move from drape to I believe what is the  flat pattern. She took the muslin and began making the pattern pieces for the skirt part of the dress.  She had already finished making the pattern pieces for the bodice at an earlier time.  She fielded questions from the pesky home sewist sitting in the front row (me) very politely.  In addition to seeing the entire dress completed I would really like to see a detail of the curved seams that she is planning on doing as French seams.  This seems mind boggling.  I can’t  evenly do a rolled hem on an armhole nicely for a sleeveless top.  It comes out all twisted and unseemly.

Next the Denver Sewing Collective had its Sew it Forward Day at Fabric Bliss on Sunday.  From 11-4 we sewed and sewed and sewed comfort care  pillows for the organization Cuz We Care.  And, to be honest if I do not see another comfort pillow sleeve or even a sliver of fleece for awhile I will be happy.  However, I am really thankful for all the people who showed up.  Plus Aurora of Fabric Bliss brought up 3 trash bags full of pillows that were created by her customers and adoring fans. Thank you so much!  All this and I wrote bad directions on how to make the pillows.  Note to self:  Double check directions!!!!   Arrrgh.  Even with that I was surprised to see so many people help out.  But,  then again was I really that surprised?  No. We are talking about sewers who love to spend time doing what they love not matter what it is they are sewing.  And, fortunately, they are smart and figured it out too.

  This was my first charity event and I learned a lot and can’t wait to get started on the next one.  I think dresses are in order.  But would love to hear from you and any organization that you know of that can benefit from a sewn item for those in need.     So, I’m home now sewing up that silky blouse, ’cause I hear the heat is here to stay.  But, I’m keeping the iron off.   Below are a few photos of the event.  Yea!!! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Complex – Wardrobe synopsis II

Never would I have imagined having 2 posts on The Complex but here is a wrap up of an additional character and the wardrobe choices.

Next is the character of Sloppy Girl.  Her life is as much of a mess as her wardrobe.  She’s late, she’s been evicted, she’s got the Denver Boot on her car.  Now she’s throwing up on the director at an audition, her love life is complicated, she just had ‘reckless sex’ with the Aussie. She has to take public transit. Oh, and she is here illegally…from Toronto.  I found that amusing.  I’m guessing having her from south of the border would have been too controversial.

Anyhoo, she looks like she lives in her car.  And, she almost does when the nerdy but sweetly, casually dressed ethically nondescript comic wannabe gets her a place in The Complex.

I loved watching Gossip Girl  for the visual feast my eyes gobbled up every week. Don’t get me started on the tall blond chick who learned acting from a watching Yo Gabba Gabba with the sound off  but man the clothes were divine.  And, Schmeister, Meister, Maleficent whatever her name and the boys, just beautiful. The Complex dwellers are definitely not wearing couture.   It will be interesting to see Sloppy Girl’s wardrobe evolve as she no doubt will become a rising star in this faux Hollywood.

So, it’s all here! Tight bodies, jiggly parts, good looking people, minimal pathos and no Ringer type complicated plot lines where one needs a flow chart every week to figure out what the hell is going on.   You can even see the upcoming train wrecks. The Dancer with the Heart of Gold, you know she is going to get addicted to bath salts, vodka suppositories or whatever the drug de jour is and spiral completely out of control.   And, the aging actress (who is like 26 )with the over shaped brows, (I shall call her Gloria) I’m thinking at the least murder or suicide.  Or both!  Can’t wait!

Did you tune in?  I’m I crazy for tuning in, let alone watching the entire show?  What did you like or not about the show. Any thoughts on the wardrobe choices?

The Complex – Wardrobe synopsis I

Love that tangerine

Last night I had every intention of going to Red Drinks.  I was going to take lots of photos, write about meeting Tran Wills and so on.  Instead I convinced myself that painting my toes a lovely shade of tangerine and watching the CW’s The Complex was a better way to use my time. So instead of meeting real, live  interesting people I watched fake people live fake non-interesting lives.  Sadly, I think The Complex may become my guilty pleasure for the summer.
Here are a few costuming/wardrobe notes as well as some accidental racial observations thrown in for sheer joy.

The Complex take place in L.A. where young, beautiful and marginally talented 20 something’s try to make it in L.A.’s entertainment scene.  The show is a cross between Melrose Place, 90210 and Fame and maybe SMASH without the overt talent. These characters don’t seem to be oozing talent, yet anyway.  But, then making it in Hollywood doesn’t necessarily mean one needs talent.  On that point Hollywood got it right.  On my first view there were no evil characters introduced yet.  Although the Aussie guy is probably going to be the resident cad.  The Complex offers typical Central Casting line of characters.  Nothing new here.  On to costuming.

What is it with dressing young black guys like Urkel?  Does anyone really dress like that outside of politicos like Tucker Carlson and people who live in Sun City? This character reminds me of the black guy in the new 90210 who always wore polo shirts buttoned to the top and was hands down the most unfashionable character on the show.  Or Winston (or was that the butler) from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  in all his country club stuffiness.   I won’t do an entire history of costuming African-American characters but Hollywood, stop it already.  Don’t go into Mr. Rogers closet for inspiration on how to dress young black guys.

The character here who shall be called Urkel because I can’t remember names is trying to make it in the music biz.   In one scene the character is contrasted with the suave hip hop guys who are wearing muted tones and expensive suits with of course gold chains.  Then Urkel comes in with his red and blue plaid shirt buttoned up to the top.  It was so jarring just looking at him.  There was no safe place to rest my eyes.  In real life I would have let my eyes rest on his belt which would have been awkward in having a conversation.
I understand the need to visually contrast the big bad hip hop dudes with the innocent lamb but ugh, it was just too obvious. Urkel could have easily worn something less dorky and still have gotten the point across that he was a newbie in the business.  I just think putting this character in such obvious dork clothes is lazy and as well as other things I haven’t quite been able to verbalize.

So, did you watch?  What do you think of their wardrobe choices?  Do you notice type casting in the costume department?

You know you love sewing when…

You know you love sewing when you

  • Carry sewing patterns in your purse and look at them during work
  • Can make a joke about unsuitable diagonals
  • Know how to pronounce armscye and know what it means
  • Love it when someone asks where did you get that and reply “I made it”
  • Realize if you never bought a pattern or another yard of fabric your own personal stash would allow you to sew uninterrupted for a minimum of three years.
  • Have more self control with a gooey chocolate 1000 calorie goodie than a beautiful yard of fabric
  • Even though you have 2 sewing machines you still really need another one.
  • Before you go on vacation you google all the hot fabric and sewing shops along the way
  • Your kid’s friends ask what mom does and they reply “sew”
  • You have more sewing books than any other kind and frequently fall asleep with a sewing book or pattern in hand
  • You need a second job to support your habit
  • And, lastly you know you love sewing when no matter how frustrating it gets you still keep coming back.  That’s love.

What crazy things do you do for love?

Do you do New Year’s Resolutions?

Like every year before I make a list of things I want to do over the next year.

  •  I vow never to eat another Hostess chocolate cupcake!
  • I will have every minute of my life scrap booked with pretty handcrafted Martha Stewart like craftiness!
  • I will work out 6 times a week!
  • I will sew an entire wardrobe using only scraps on hand!
  • I will take 2 minute showers!  and so on ad nauseam.

For some reason I love torturing myself this way , cause every year I diligently write ’em out, only to be disappointed come the end of the year that I have not learned how to play the mandolin or become fluent in Farsi.

Like a tabula rasa, January 1st is a second chance and I love second chances.  One thing on my list of good intentions ( my house is wall papered with last year’s good intentions)  is to get this sewing room organized.    It’s a wonder I can do anything in here.

Do you have any resolutions for the new year,  or do you just go along your merry way into the next year? 

Cats – go figure

Here’s Zeus munching on thread.  A true craft kitty.

zeus having a little snack