Born on this day – Edith Head

Edith Head – Costumer Designer Extraordinaire

The blogosphere will be popping with plenty of tributes to the Divine Miss H. She worked on almost 500 films and dressed the biggest stars in Hollywood.  For me it would be impossible to pick a favorite dress or movie.   Here is my small tribute with a few favorite sketches, quotes and a bibliography where you can slowly drink up all the talent, controversy and inspiration that is Edith Head.

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The good news from Overdressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion

Couldn’t just leave everyone with doom and gloom, there is a little good news about the fashion industry and efforts from businesses and individuals  to make it more sustainable.   

  1. Modal and Tencel are considered environmentally friendly fabrics, a good option over polyester and non-sustainable cotton.  According to Cline’s research over 40% of all fibers made in the world are polyester. (84)
  2. Bright Young Things is a line of clothing created by Eliza Starbuck that is recognized as sustainable and fashionable.  Cline lists Urban Outfitters as a retailer that carries it.  However, when I went to their website I didn’t see her brand listed.   Even with a big name like Urban Outfitters Starbuck  noted that it is still a struggle to make quality clothing under the rules of  fast fashion.   (60)
  3. There is a movement called Slow Fashion aka Slow Fashioned.  Cline doesn’t go into any detail about the movement but for a brief mention.  You can find more information here.  
  4. Cline does mention the Six Items or Less movement.  This is where a person picks 6 items and wears them for a month.  It is a challenge apparently to create awareness of what we wear, the garment industry and how we can get by on less.  Here is a blog that is starting a challenge in September.
  5. Resurgence in the art of sewing.  I have noticed an increase in sewing although most of it is the craft, quilt sewing.  Yet making little felt flowers  is a gateway for some.  A gateway into the heady, beautiful, dreamy world of garment sewing.  Go ahead, take a sip of the electrified Kool-Aid.

Personally, I don’t see this book having a great impact on the industry.  Just like any “movement” it will move on. There will be little pockets of resistance here and there, little sparkling gems of a company or individuals to show the world what can be done.  But, unless  governments/countries stop being ruled by money and multi-national corporations  I really don’t see much change happening.

When was the last time American’s were told to economize? Jimmy Carter – “Turn down your thermostats…” perhaps?  American’s are notorious for over consumption whether it’s food, booze or clothing.  And, if it isn’t a law, I just don’t think people will willingly comply on their own.  What do you think?