Things to do in Denver for fashion, sewing and creating

Especially in August

August is here and it is hot.  There is a lot going on if you love fashion, sewing, creating or just love looking at beautiful things.

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This weekend the Denver County Fair will be bringing its kitschy, crafty folky self to the National Western Complex on 4655 Humboldt Street, Denver (of course). Parking is 10.00. Adult tickets are 10.00, children 12 and under 5.00.  Other pricing options available, check website for details. Fair is from August 10-12.

Denver Art Museum has only 2 presenters left in the fashion demo lineup.  August 11, 12 and 18, 19 is Sew Heidi.  Fashion Illustrator Jim Howard will be demo-ing on August 25 and 26 and again on September 1,2.  

Stephanie O will be having a great trunk show on August 23.  Check her Facebook page for more information.  And while I’m at it Fallene Wells will be having a show at the Walker Fine Art Gallery on August 24 at 6:00pm.  Tickets were selling quick so be sure to check of availability.   

The wonderful Tactile Arts in Denver is currently showing Elfriede Style until August 25.  Check their site for hours.  Elfriede is a long time business owner in Boulder and a designer extraordinaire.  See her amazing work before it’s packed up.  

Denver Design Incubator is holding free sewing workshops at their studio.  If you have ever wanted to start sewing this is such a great opportunity.  

The Denver Modernism Fair again at the National Western Complex is happening August 24-26.  Check website for a variety of pricing options.  This is a fun fair aimed at all things modern and funky.  

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Denver Sewing Collective is having their 2nd Thursday Sew Night on August 9th.  

Awesome things going on here in Denver, I’m sure I missed several more.  If you know of something please reply in the comments and If you want to be mentioned for September please let me know!

Sewing, Fashion and more for July 2012

News and Events for July

Hey, I had the opportunity to do a guest blog post for Sew News Blog.  Thanks so much to Beth Bradley of Sew News for giving me the opportunity.  Please read, it’s very short, won’t take a minute.  And be sure to make a comment on their blog!  We all love getting those comments. 

Denver Sewing Collective has a new website, you can look at it here.  It works best on updated Chrome browsers or IE 8 or 9, then you can see all the great pics.  I still have to get the mobile site up, I having problems with switching the DNS blabity blah thing.   I’ve been testing this new site on a variety of different computers, if you find a problem please let me know.  

 July 12  Stephanie O is having a trunk show at Goldyns.  You can rsvp here.

Starting in July the Denver Design Incubator is offering. sewing workshops conducted by a professional in the industry.  Dates start July 18th and 25, August 1, 8.  Much will be discussed and taught.  Check out DDI’s page for more information.

Denver Art Museum has wonderful workshops and demos in their Design Studio area. These are free IF you are a member of DAM.  Otherwise it is a cost of admission into the museum.  These continue through early September.   Don’t miss out.

And, yes the Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo is roaring through town July  12-14 .  Here’s hoping there is more garment sewing representation.

Tactile Arts is doing wonderful things as usual.  July 14th there is a meet and chat with Elfriede of Elfriede’s of Boulder.  This is from 1-3pm.  Tactile Arts will also be holding a retrospective of her work and custom designs.  Please see Tactile Arts website for more information and cost.  I am also going to be listing this as a meetup as well.  

I am in the planning stages of a Fabric Shop tour and a Meet the Designer too.  Just need to get a little time to get them together.  Stay tuned here and on Facebook and our page.

What’s going on?

Me not sewing

A lot is going on.  Over the weekend I went to the Denver Design Incubator’s Open House on Saturday May 19.  I met Janet White of JM Designs and it is  always nice to see her and chat.  I met Holli Gibson of LamanBlu.  I had actually met her at another function in January but this time I got to talk a bit more with her.  I am in awe of all that she gets done with work, family and non-profits.  Briefly talked with Rustin of DDI and he told me all the great opportunities at Denver Design Incubator, not just for designers and instructors!   Next, it was a visit to the Denver Art Museum with the lovely Miss Annie.  We went to see the Madeleine Albright exhbit of her amazing pin collection.  Be warned this is an extensive collection.  We looked at every single pin, there must have been a couple hundreded or more.  Not quite planned was our stop in the fashion  studio at the DAM where we met Stephanie Ohnmacht or Stephanie O. Stephanie won this year’s Frock Out design.  At the DAM she was doing a draping demo and discussing her career and how she goes about the design process.  I think we could have sat and talked with her all afternoon.  I love hearing about how people get from A to B in their careers.  Plus, she had a lot of insider/professional knowledge of how patterns are made and how we get clothes made and of course how to drape, albeit a brief over view.  I really wanted to just get sewing, draping, playing with fabric – doing what I love.  But, duty called, had to plant the carnations and snap dragons before they met a brittle death.  Help a small person with a history of the Roman Army project, check baseball schedules, make dinner, unplug the sink and get ready for the Memorial Day weekend.  So, what is going on with you?