Charm Bracelet Challenge

would you pay 5000.00 for this?

I love Sundance catalog for pure inspiration.  I have bought several things from them in the way of clothes but always returned them for rather poor quality.  The jewlery is nice too, but when I saw this bracelet for 5000 bucks I just about coughed up my petite vanilla scone.  I don’t want to take away from the talent of the artist, who I’m sure is worth every penny, but I don’t think the artist makes them herself, plus  the description says that included in the bracelet is “rare antique trade beads”.  Well, for 5000 dollars I’d  have that in writing.  I love charm bracelets and have some beads and things ready to go to make one.  Seeing this bracelet and the cost of it really fired me up to make one of my own.  I know I could make something similar for well under 50.00.  I even have trade beads from an Indian reservation I visited not long ago.  They are not antique but they would work.   So, are you up for a challenge?  Have you seen an outfit or jewlery that you thought “oh, I could make that”.   Why not put your talent  to work and see what you come up with.   I’ll keep you posted on my Charm Bracelet Challenge. 


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