Vintage Button Show

IMG_3676I had no idea there was this was going on; button collecting!  The Colorado State Button Society puts on a button show every year.  There are juried competitions and of course dealers and collectors go to buy. There are classes, lectures and workshops too. And, oh all the buttons. Beautiful buttons, everywhere.  Old ones,very old ones, Bake-lite, glass, buttons from Germany, China, Egypt.  The most expensive I saw was almost 2000.00.  The cheapest was a quarter.  That’s the bin I was in.  I didn’t go looking for something for a particular outfit or something I was sewing.  Ironically, I was going to find buttons to make a bracelet out of.     This was a lot of fun and I ended up staying for 2 hours.

 Here is what I ended up taking home. They ranged from a quarter to a dollar.  I just love the tangerine color and the 60’s vibe.


Here are a few pics of glorious buttons. Click on any image for a better look. 





This was the expensive booth, the top middle one is 1250.00.

 Does your state or town have a Button Society? It’s worth it to take a peek if it does.

9 thoughts on “Vintage Button Show

  1. It happens every year in Denver in April! In 2014 it is April 5 & 6. I’ll be giving a program on crafting with buttons on Sat & Sun at 1pm. Be there or be, well, whatever shape your buttons are!

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  3. I just looked up to see if Oregon has a button society. They do and the annual show is next month! Woohoo… I think I’ll try to go. I’ve liver in Oregon all my life and have never heard of it or even thought of such an organization. Thanks for giving me the idea.

  4. I love vintage buttons. Years ago (like 30 years) my great aunt gave me a ton of old buttons that she had collected over time and ones she had taken off of her old garments. I just finished making a jacket that called for a large button and I found one in my button collection that I know was hers. Vintage is even nicer when you knew the person it once belonged to. 🙂
    I really love the Eygptian buttons; I’ve never seen anything like these. Thanks for sharing!

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