Tessuti Free Sewing Pattern –

I downloaded the free Tessuti knit top, this was my first downloaded pattern. And, a perfect choice too. The knit blouse/tunic pattern was easy to sew and I now know why all the raves for this top. I love it and can image myself making this in several versions. The only thing I added was about 3 inches to the sleeves. It sewed up very fast. I had enough fabric left over to make a knit skirt as well. The fabric came from JoAnn’s.  I want to get the Tessuti dress pattern as well. The download/sewing pattern had 15 pages and came with no directions, so if you are new to sewing or downloads you might need a bit of help but it seems pretty self-explanatory. I may just be a convert to download/patterns yet.  Here are some photos of my rendition. Continue reading

New Look 6025


New Look 6025

One of my favorite blogs is The Perfect Nose.  The Nose is responsible for my new addiction to tunics   She makes them in wonderful fabrics and always looks so chic and effortless while drinking Midori’s  that well, I had to try it.  Plus, they are a breeze to make.  This one has a few issues.  It is a bit expansive across the chest and falls off my shoulders in an annoying way.   Continue reading

10,000 hours to pant perfection

Perfect pant pattern – finally

I’m sure you are all aware of the 10,000 hours rule.  It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.   It seems like I have put in about 10,000 hours on perfecting (nearly) pants.  I have made 6 sample pairs, gone through a bolt or two of muslin but finally here they are.  Here is the low down on  Butterick 4998 (out of print, yes I’ve been working on them that long).

  1.  Material is a black denim no Lycra.
  2. I had to do a number of adjustments and most in the crotch length and depth areas.  
  3. I added pockets in the back which you can’t really see.
  4. I took the side seems in one inch so I could adjust them later if necessary.  
  5. I  did a Claire Schaffer yolk waist band which is the final addition that really put me over the moon with happiness (only a fellow seamstress would understand).    And Viola!  
  6. Continue reading

McCalls 5936 completed

McCalls 5936

Here is the peplum jacket, finally done.  I started this in January when I took a session of classes from Janet White of JM Designs.  A few notes on the pattern and the process.

  1. I did not need to do an SBA.  Which was surprising.
  2. I did the lining of the sleeves different from what the pattern called for.
  3. The lining material was quite difficult to manage.  There are some flaws in the lining, but not very noticeable.
  4. The buttons have not been done yet, my buttonhole-r doesn’t work, so I’m going to be asking a friend for assistance.
  5. I am making a skirt to match with the remaining material

Not much to say here, the fit is great, the process was pretty easy and I would highly recommend this pattern.  

Can’t wait to wear it when the weather cools.  Are you in for the peplum this year?  This pattern also as the option for long sleeves, so get sewing!

Another skirt to add to my summer line up

Found a few wonderful things at the local thrift shop.  Two silk skirts from Banana Republic, a gorgeous fedora from Paris, and soft modal white t-shirts.  Just some basics.  The skirts needed to be taken in, which was super easy and they look great.  I also whipped out another skirt to add to my summer skirt collection.  I used a New Look Pattern #6730.  Very basic as you can see.  I did line it with a black stretch which gives it a perfect weight to it and it’s not see-through at all.  I love making something up fast and it looks great.  This is especially nice when you are working on something that for myriad reasons just becomes time consuming.  I can see making one for every day of the week.   I would make it a little longer next time, maybe by an inch or so.  As you can image even with the lining this finished up fast.  I am working on a silky blouse and had every intention of finishing it up today but then I felt the need to make this skirt.  Perfect day today.  Awesome thrift store finds, sewing, hanging out with an old friend, nothing better.  And, there is still Sunday!

Super summer skirt

Sewing classes

I finally signed up for some sewing classes.  I had made a promise to myself last year that  I  would take the plunge and take classes, lesson etc and not the online kind.  I’m at a point where I desire to do more with sewing but I don’t know how to get there so hence the need for instruction.   I am taking a session with Janet White of JM Designs and I started Tuesday February 21.  She has a great spot for lessons, a remodeled garage in the funky part of Wheatridge.  Lots of space 2 ironing boards, place for your machines and a cut out table that you don’t have to bend over to cut out your fabric.  For my first lesson I constructed my entire muslin sans one sleeve.  I was able to try it on and amazingly it fits in the bodice area!  But, I need to take it out in the waist area and, that is what I’ll do before the next session.  This is going to be great for my skills as a seamstress.  I’m going to re-learn all the basics like lay-out, marking, cutting and more.  For this pattern I’m attacking princess seams, which have always been a mess for me, using silky fabric lining, button holes, fitting and so on.  A lot of awesome sewing is going to be coming out of this.  So far I’m pleased with the way things have been turning out, ripped out a few times and kept at it.  The pattern itself is great so far.  I love the long sleeves and were, in the muslin at least easy to go in.  Very productive night for me.  I don’t think I could have gotten all that done at home.  Here is a photo of the muslin, not much to look at.

Knit and Wrap by Nathalie Mornu

By Nathalie MornuI should just buy this book.  I keep checking it out at the library over and over again.  All these projects are easy for the beginner but also fun for  more advanced knitters.  I love knitting projects that are fast and I can wear during the season.  I’m still working on a sweater I started probably back b.c.

Here is me in the eternity scarf (I think that’s what they are calling these).  Love the color and knit this one up really fast, all garter stitch.  If you are more advanced you could make easy changes to it to mix it up.  I am working on another one from this book and will post when I’m finished.

Vintage Dress – DuBarry 5257

Finally finished the vintage pattern DuBarry 5257 and here it is.

I think it turned out really well.  I have, of course a list of things I would do differently but I would, without a doubt use this pattern again.   One, I love the green fabric but it is a cotton and the type that needs a lot of pressing to get wrinkle free.  No quick run over with the iron, this fabric needs PRESSING.  Additionally I would:

  • raise the waist a bit
  • increase the SBA even more
  • interfacing  (old patterns don’t have that step in the directions and I just forgot to add it in)
  • fix the curved collar on the pattern and do more traditional collar (No curves)
  •  different fabric
  •  if I do stripes I’d pay more attention to lining the stripes  up…opps

The sleeves went in wonderfully,  and I added the cuffs.  I had a hard time with the collar lining up with the back bodice.  I had problems with the muslin too, not sure if it was the pattern or me. Of course my button hole attachment went berserk so the buttonholes are rather crappy, but only upon close examination. I did not add shoulder pads and did not have to do an adjustment to the pattern either.  The shoulders look great.  The only thing I did not like on the pattern was the curved collar.  I would use a notched collar or if I can find someone who knows how to do a curved collar without puckers I would do it.  I like the way the collar can stand up or lay flat.  Overall a great pattern to work with.

I’ll post pics of me actually in the dress and post on flickr.