Vintage Button Show

IMG_3676I had no idea there was this was going on; button collecting!  The Colorado State Button Society puts on a button show every year.  There are juried competitions and of course dealers and collectors go to buy. There are classes, lectures and workshops too. And, oh all the buttons. Beautiful buttons, everywhere.  Old ones,very old ones, Bake-lite, glass, buttons from Germany, China, Egypt.  The most expensive I saw was almost 2000.00.  The cheapest was a quarter.  That’s the bin I was in. Continue reading


The Secret Life of Sewing Machines and Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a little dose of history.  It’s over 9 minutes long but it’s quite interesting.  At around 5:30 watch the human sewing machine!

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I made a dress

Window pane dress

I found a dress at the thrift shop (seen below) that I liked but felt I could improve upon it.  The dress is a knit so copying it was a lot easier than a woven.  I did have troubles with the armscye and sleeves. The first sample they were all wrong. I then just used a sleeve and armscye from a existing pattern.  I was surprised that it worked. These are  the best looking sleeves EVER! (Sleeves are always  a problem for me)

Here’s a run down of the process.

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Vintage Vogue 9186 – Completed!

Memorial Day Weekend has been a good one.  I have completed the 1970’s apron, wrap dress.  Here are the alterations that I did on the dress.  I would absolutely do this again.  I would love to refine the alterations and do a few things differently next time.

  1. No pockets
  2. Shortened it considerably
  3. Shortened the halter straps
  4. Placed halter strap closer towards center front
  5. Cut halter straps in two and placed a snap on the back of strap. (Couldn’t get it over my big head)
  6. Small bust adjustment ( but could have done a bigger small bust adjustment)
  7. Lined it with a vintage silky type
  8. Doubled the length of the tie
  9. Placed snaps inside the dress to hold it up
  10. Stitched in the ditch so the lining is just a little visible
  11. Created the slight flip in the back to see the back of the lining

Check it out!

Does this hat make my head look crazy?

Originally this hat was a dress.  Some members of the Denver Sewing Collective might recall me lugging the dress to meetings half heartedly sewing it together.  Somewhere between seams L and R I lost interest and gave up.  I think part of the problem was that I sewed the freaking dress four times and it still it didn’t fit.  Once in a muslin, again in a similar material that the final dress would be made in, third in the lining and the the last dress was in the black wool. (Isn’t that the definition of crazy.  You do the same thing over and over and expect different results but get the same thing in the end)    So, I think I was just sick of  it in the end and lost total emotional attachement to it, besides it didn’t fit.  Stupid SBA.  But, I couldn’t just throw the material away.  Somehow I thought a hat from a vintage Vogue pattern would be good idea.

A good thing I didn’t put the stiffening  in it like the pattern called for, plus I think there were to many darts.  Anyhoo, I’m in need of a sewing success so back to the drawing table for me.

Progress on Advance 7770

Here is the lining for my Advance 7770.  The construction is going along smoothly with one exception; the SBA.  I cut out the original SBA here and trying on the muslin in looked fine.  But, the lining still looks baggy up top.  The original dart was 2 inches wide and 7 inches long.  I narrowed it to 1 inch and 5 inches long.  But what is up with th bagginess?  It can’t be see in the photo but I had the iron on to high and did melt a little bit on the left side.  This side by the way fits better which led me to the conclusion that  I did not do all that is needed for a SBA. If you look below there is what I did for the muslin.  I took this to the Denver Sewing Collective meeting and got advice from Jane and Vicki.  They suggested that I go with the original.  But, I’m going to try one more idea.  If you have any ideas please let me know!  Oh, and the meeting was awesome, as usual.

New start on an old pattern – Advance 7770

 I am ready to tackle another vintage pattern.  This beauty is from the 50’s, Advance 7770.  I have started on the muslin and I am doing that a little differently this time.  

First, I cut the muslin and sewed up the side seams but left the darts just pinned. I figure I want to see how the fit will be of course, but my big (or small) body issues lie with the SBA.  So I want to be able to manipulate the darts to see what I need to take in.  Plus, I’m worried about those long shaped darts.  Have no ideas how that is going to work on the old body. Here is what I’ve been doing.

The new dart is now about half of the original dart width. Plus, I did shorten it as well. This muslin is going along well.  For the Fabric Shop Tour I want to find some awesome material.  I also plan on lining it.  Can’t wait for Saturday!