Tessuti Free Sewing Pattern –

I downloaded the free Tessuti knit top, this was my first downloaded pattern. And, a perfect choice too. The knit blouse/tunic pattern was easy to sew and I now know why all the raves for this top. I love it and can image myself making this in several versions. The only thing I added was about 3 inches to the sleeves. It sewed up very fast. I had enough fabric left over to make a knit skirt as well. The fabric came from JoAnn’s.  I want to get the Tessuti dress pattern as well. The download/sewing pattern had 15 pages and came with no directions, so if you are new to sewing or downloads you might need a bit of help but it seems pretty self-explanatory. I may just be a convert to download/patterns yet.  Here are some photos of my rendition.


Me at a meetup getting my pattern ready






Not belted


It’s big


Me, with a head


Just get on with it.

And, that is it. Sews up really fast, can switch up for endless possibilities and it’s great for fall/winter. What do you think? Are you downloading one now? Can’t wait to get the dress pattern!

14 thoughts on “Tessuti Free Sewing Pattern –

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  2. Looks great Jilly! That fabric suits it perfectly. I think your neckline came out pretty much the same as mine. I agree, I think pinching some width out next time may be a good idea. Mine stretched out even further. Incidentally I am wearing mine today 🙂

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